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Bobke II

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By Bob Roll

Lovingly known by his fans as Bobke (Boob-ka) is best described as the gonzo voice of professional cycling.  With wry wit, Roll captures the very essence of the sport and gives us an insider's Guide to what it takes to ride in the peloton.

Bobke II revisits all the original Bobke journals of Roll's wild rides and crazy tales about cycling's uncensored side as well as his crazed poetic commentary following his retirement from the peloton.  This newest edition covers topics held reverent in cycling as well as those hardly related to the sport.  Bobke tips his cap to the classic riders and races, takes us on a grueling week of training, tells the sport as he sees it, and entertains us with plenty of diddies and rants in between.  Hold on, because it's a zany, often absurd, yet compelling commotion!