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Illinois Trails - South Cook County

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by American Bike Trails

Waterproof and tear proof / Double sided and compact.  Trail access, points of interest and much more!

Bicycling the South Cook County Forest Preserve Bicycle Trails.  The Forest Preserves of Cook County, Illinois, are sanctuaries of native landscape with places for many kinds of outdoor recreation along the fringes.  Picnicking is the most popular recreational use.  More than 80% of the total area has been kept in a wild or semi-wild natural state.  There are miles of shoreline along the banks of rivers and creeks along with ponds and sloughs.  There are open fields and prairies, an abundance of wildflowers and wildlife, and many places of geologic and historic interest.

If you are a nature lover, these are some good places to check out:

  • Salt Creek Bicycle Trail
  • Arie Crown Bicycle Trail
  • Tinley Creek Bicycle Trail
  • Thorn Creek Bicycle Trail