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The Evolution of American Bicycle Racing

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By Lou Dzierzak; Foreword by Phil Liggett; Afterword by Jonathan Vaughters

In this revolutionary book, Lou Dzierzak explains how key races and landmark events brought American cyclists out of obscurity and made them internationally dominating competitors.  

  • Discover America's first bicycle racing superstars
  • Follow the action at key U.S. and international races that paved the way for sponsorship dollars, American pro teams, and dominating American cyclists like Andy Hampsten, Greg LeMond, Tyler Hamilton, and George Hincapie.
  • Witness nearly a century of drugs, doping, and scandals, from cocaine use during the six-day races in the late 1890's, to blood boosting at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, to the scandal-plagued 2006 Tour de France victory by American Floyd Landis.
  • Look to the future as more U.S. stage races develop.  Under 23 development teams, and new heroes of American cycling begin to emerge.