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Bicycling Wisconsin

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By Shirley and Cliff Christl

One of the reasons biking is enjoying a tremendous growth in popularity is because it can be a low-impact, pain-free, interesting way to exercise.  And what many people also have found is that it can be more than just exercise - it can be a way of travel, a way to do some sightseeing, a way to spend quality time as a family or a couple.

We also are lucky here in Wisconsin because our opportunities for biking are boundless, with about 300 miles of State Trails specifically surfaced for biking and close to 10,000 miles of roads where biking is allowed.  Also miles and miles of off-road, unsurfaced bike trails in State Forests and State Recreation areas.

Includes Elroy Sparta, Glacial Drumlin, Military Ridge, Red Cedar, Sugar River, The 400, Bearskin, Wild Goose, Great River, La Crosse River, Milwaukee 76, Door County, Washington Island, Hayward Area, Northern Kettle Moraine, Mineral Point, Bayfield Orchards, Eagle River Trails.